DailyMe #2018-11-01 微软采购 FPGA 芯片、苹果出席 NLP 峰会、FB 未来是一个抄袭品等

如果你对我挑选的话题感兴趣,欢迎订阅 Dailyio 会员服务,作为 I/O 会员计划的 2.0 产品,Dailyio 将继续通过付费的门槛过滤、筛选读者群体,为优质读者提供全球视野的科技商业洞察。


  1. 微软采购大批赛灵思的芯片。Bloomberg 的报道称,微软计划将赛灵思的 FPGA 芯片用于 Azure 数据中心,用于替代英特尔芯片。据消息人士透露,此次采购的芯片数量将覆盖 Azure 近半数服务器芯片需求
  2. 2018全球移动趋势报告。这份报告来自 GSMA Intelligence,整合全球移动运营商数据、分析和预测,从消费者、内容、商业等维度,探讨了全球移动互联网市场的宏观趋势
  3. Alexa 音乐技能 API 正式开放。开发者可以利用音乐 API 开发特定技能,将 Alexa 的语音命令与自己的音乐曲库结合在一起。
  4. 苹果 Siri 团队成员将参加本周的 EMNLP 峰会。根据苹果官方机器学习博客的消息,苹果将参加本周在布鲁塞尔举行的自然语言处理实证方法会议,外界也很关注苹果是否会在会议上分享该公司的自然语言处理研发情况,尤其是 Siri 背后的相关技术。


  1. 盘点云服务市场 10 大潜在收购。IBM 340 亿收购红帽后,业界都在思考一个命题:下一个被收购的会是谁,是Docker?还是 Pivotal?这篇文章就列举了其中 10 个可能的收购
  2. FB 的未来是一个抄袭过来的产品。FB 财报会议上,扎克伯格直言,Stories 是 FB 的未来。这个产品原本是抄袭 Snap,如今在财报会议上被反复提及了 71 次,那么问题来了,FB 可以围绕 Stories 打造新的商业模式吗



苹果的 News 已经发布两年,不过大陆用户还无法使用,这篇来自《纽约时报》的文章探讨了苹果新闻平台的运营思路:

The former journalist has quietly become one of the most powerful figures in English-language media. The stories she and her deputies select for Apple News regularly receive more than a million visits each.

Their work has complicated the debate about whether Silicon Valley giants are media or technology companies. Google, Facebook and Twitter have long insisted they are tech entities and not arbiters of the truth. The chief executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and others have bet heavily on artificial intelligence to help them sort through false news and fact-based information. Yet Apple has unabashedly gone the other direction with its human-led approach, showing that a more media-like sensibility may be able to coexist within a technology company.

Apple’s strategy is risky. While the company has long used people to curate its App Store, the news is far more contentious. The famously secretive company has also provided little transparency on who is picking the stories for Apple News and how those people avoid bias.

For the first time recently — and after extensive negotiations on the terms of the interviews — Apple agreed to let a Times reporter in on how it operates Apple News.

There are ambitious plans for the product. Apple lets publishers run ads in its app and it helps some sign up new subscribers, taking a 30 percent cut of the revenue. Soon, the company aims to bundle access to dozens of magazines in its app for a flat monthly fee, sort of like Netflix for news, according to people familiar with the plans, who declined to be identified because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly. Apple also hopes to package access to a few daily-news publications, like The Times, The Post and The Wall Street Journal, into the app, the people said.

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