DailyMe #2018-11-08 步伐识别技术、非洲数据标注工厂以及 A12X 背后的故事

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  1. 步态识别技术被应用到北京和上海。美联社的这篇报道引发诸多转载,文章主体部分是一家名叫银河水滴的创业公司创始人的介绍为主,并提及已经应用到北京和上海,这也让外界再次领略到人工智能在监控领域的巨大潜力。
  2. Google 与哈佛共同研究食源性疾病。Google 与哈佛大学公共卫生学院共同研发了一个机器学习模型 FIENER,利用搜索数据和位置数据,快速定位潜在的食源性疾病区域,并发布了相关论文,目前该研究已经在拉斯维加斯和芝加哥进行了测试
  3. AI 对于老年痴呆症的检测远远优于人类医生。计算机算法通过分析老人大脑数据,可以比人类医生更快地做出决策,最新的一组测试数据显示,其准确率高达 100%,并且可以比人类医生提早 6 年实现上述预测。


  1. 非洲的数据标注工厂。当前人工智能领域,最重要是数据,更准确地说,是已经标注的数据。那么,这些数据如何标注、又谁标注,就成为困扰整个行业的重要话题,在 BBC 的这篇报道里,我们看到了非洲部分国家正在成为欧美人工智能公司的「数据标注工厂」,他们用人力支撑着「机器智能超越人类」的宏大愿景。
  2. 人工智能与网络攻击。人工智能实时、自动化的特点,正在成为新一代网络攻击的新武器,感兴趣的读者,可以点击这里查看最新的一份网络安全报告,这份报告认为,未来,人工智能会在恶意软件、计算机病毒传播过程中扮演重要角色


苹果 A12X 处理器背后的故事

随着 iPad Pro 正式发售,接下来关于 iPad Pro 上 A12X 处理器的评测会越来越多,这款「野兽般」的处理器给 iPad Pro 带来巨大想象空间,ArsTechnica 这篇文章全面介绍了 A12X 的性能优势,并且还透过苹果两位高层 Anand Shimpi 与 Phil Schiller,来展示苹果对于自主芯片的思考:

“Fundamentally, the reason we built the chip, is in service to the product’s vision and its ambition,” Shimpi said. “At the end of the day we want to make sure that whatever vision we have set out for the thing, if it requires custom silicon, that we’re there to deliver. For a given form factor, for a given industrial design in this thermal envelope, no one should be able to build a better, more performant chip.”


There are a couple of additional possible reasons Apple may be pushing this hard that Schiller didn’t mention. First, Apple has made augmented reality a major focus in recent iOS releases, in its development APIs, and in its iPhone and iPad hardware—including the silicon. As we noted in our coverage of ARKit 2, Apple’s investment there is not just about current use cases on iPhones, but racing to a future tipping point where AR may become ubiquitous.

If the company can avoid resting on its laurels and focus on building the world’s most powerful consumer AR platform before competitors, it may go into that possible future in a strong position. That will require ongoing, aggressive work on its custom silicon, among other things.